Legal Online Poker For Idaho Residents

Idaho is a fairly conservative state, and so are its gambling laws however they do not metnion playing online poker in Idaho. Fact is, no individual patron of an online poker room has ever been charged and it is not likely to happen soon as it gets closer to being regulated on a federal level.

You should know that most forms of gambling are banned, and casinos can only operate if they are run by either the State or some Indian tribes. There are certain loopholes in the legal system, but we would strongly advise you against trying to exploit them if you want to be on the safe side.

Is Online Poker Legal In Idaho?


Internet laws in Idaho are pretty shady, so playing poker online as an Idaho resident will definitely not get you into as much trouble as playing with other people in your home. Online poker isn't in fact mentioned in any state laws, so you would only have to follow the federal rules which, again, don't forbid it.

Don't be fooled by the UIGEA ("Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act"), because it doesn't apply to you. The media has done a sloppy job at presenting what the bill is about, hence the misconception that online poker is illegal. No, it is not, the UIGEA only puts a ban on certain financial transactions. It's up to the banks and casino owners to worry about it and not you, as a poker player!

Legal Online Poker Sites For Idaho Residents

We have tested a couple of online casinos and came with a list where Idaho residents can play without worrying about police knocking at their doors.

SportsBetting Poker - Big Poker Bonuses Up To $900 For Idaho Residents

Idaho is a state full of tough spuds. When life gives them potatoes they buck up and plant those potatoes and turn it into the most profitable trade in the west. When life gives them online poker rooms like that found at SportsBetting they make lots of money. If there is one thing residents of Idaho are good at it is making money, which is why it is no surprise that they are also turning online poker into quite the profitable little venture.

SportsBetting is probably the best site for this venture too because they have a poker room dedicated to nothing other than making money. With around 12,000 players during peak hours, this makes SportsBetting the perfect room for any resident of Idaho that wants to have plenty of gaming options. Guaranteed tournaments offer winning at all hours of the day and this legal Idaho poker site is famous for its big money games where the stakes are high and the winnings are even higher. SportsBetting is a field that is more than ready for someone to come in and reap their just rewards.

BetOnline Poker - Fast Poker Payouts For Players Living In Idaho

BetOnline is a great site for any Idaho resident looking to spice up the potato patch a bit with some extra winnings. BetOnline is friendly to poker players of any caliber and makes sure than no matter how much the first deposit is everyone starts off with a big bankroll. This online poker room has one of the best deposit bonuses on the web and they make sure to offer plenty of tournaments to supplement that bonus.

The welcome bonus mentioned before is a 200% first deposit match bonus. What this means is whenever a new player moseys on over to BetOnline, they get back double what they put in as long as they play plenty of poker. To make sure that every new player has plenty of poker to play BetOnline offers up tournaments every day of the week and once a week they have a huge $10,000 dollar guaranteed tournament to really get everyone excited. With BetOnline every player wins, which why there is so much excess wealth accruing in Idaho right now.

Idaho Online Poker Laws

There are states where poker is banned in casinos but "social gambling" is an exception. This is not the case with Idaho as playing live poker banned. It doesn't matter whether or not the house makes a profit – by raking the pot or charging players a lump sum for sitting in – it's outright illegal.

Poker is specifically denominated as a forbidden game, so not even the argument that it's a skill game and not a game of luck will count. So no, if you live in Idaho you may not play poker at home with your friends. Check your state's poker laws for more information about laws in Idaho regarding online poker.


Is it Legal to Play Land-Based Poker in Idaho?

As is the same with many other states, poker is illegal in the state of Idaho even with many residents casually ignoring the law for home based games with small stakes. Idaho has a rich history for gambling and was a center for many card games and games of chance upon becoming a state in 1890 but passed heavy legislation forbidding all games of chance in 1949. Poker was and is considered a game of chance in the state of Idaho, and while many residents clamor to try and change the current laws in place. There are tribal casinos present in Idaho who are very much so engaged in legal battles with the State in trying to provide poker at their casinos for players to enjoy. The Idaho tribe argues that poker is a game of skill and not of chance and lawmakers so far have disagreed. With an order from a federal judge to cease all Texas Hold’Em poker games, the casino has continued to push back and still claims that it is not in any violation of state laws. This ongoing political and legal battle has kept the spotlight on Idaho as the question remains to be answered completely what is and is not legal for Idaho residents involving live poker.

Where To Play Land-Based Poker in Idaho

Idaho remains one of the most fascinating stories in the country at the moment due to its rigid poker laws and the current news of a legal battle between the State of Idaho and the Coeur d'Alene Tribal Casino. While this article is written expressly to inform the reader of where they can play legal land-based poker, the answer remains unclear as to yes or no. Currently, the Coeur d'Alene Casino Resort & Hotel located in Worley, Idaho, has resisted efforts to force its poker room to close and appears to, as of the writing of this article, not providing its poker room available to players. Although the room does indeed exist, it appears that there is not a destination anywhere within the borders of Idaho to play a hand of Poker, either for low or high stakes. As the legal process continues, all eyes from the poker playing community will be watching to see what residents of Idaho will be able to partake in the realm of games of skill and games of chance. For now, locals in the Gem State will have to make the drive across its borders to a more relaxed state government for a game of poker.

Note: The information presented on this site should in no way be regarded as legal advice. We are a group of enthusiastic poker players who wanted to share our knowledge and discuss some legal implications of playing poker in Idaho. If you believe you need further details, please consult with a lawyer.

While Idaho gambling laws may scare you into thinking you can't play poker online, this is not true. BetOnline is one of several online poker sites that accept Idaho residents and they're waiting for you. BetOnline welcomes all Idaho residents with a 100% to $1,000 deposit bonus when making the first deposit only.