Legal Online Poker For Idaho Residents

Idaho is a fairly conservative state, and so are its gambling laws however they do not metnion playing online poker in Idaho. Fact is, no individual patron of an online poker room has ever been charged and it is not likely to happen soon as it gets closer to being regulated on a federal level.

You should know that most forms of gambling are banned, and casinos can only operate if they are run by either the State or some Indian tribes. There are certain loopholes in the legal system, but we would strongly advise you against trying to exploit them if you want to be on the safe side.

Is Online Poker Legal In Idaho?


Internet laws in Idaho are pretty shady, so playing poker online as an Idaho resident will definitely not get you into as much trouble as playing with other people in your home. Online poker isn't in fact mentioned in any state laws, so you would only have to follow the federal rules which, again, don't forbid it.

Don't be fooled by the UIGEA ("Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act"), because it doesn't apply to you. The media has done a sloppy job at presenting what the bill is about, hence the misconception that online poker is illegal. No, it is not, the UIGEA only puts a ban on certain financial transactions. It's up to the banks and casino owners to worry about it and not you, as a poker player!

Legal Online Poker Sites For Idaho Residents

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We have tested a couple of online casinos and came with a list where Idaho residents can play without worrying about police knocking at their doors.

Bovada Poker Room - Lots of Tournaments & Ring Games At Various Stakes
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Bovada Poker is on top of our list. The first deposit bonus caught our eyes – they offer to match it, dollar for dollar, for up to $1,000. Then came the plethora of deposit methods – there is no way you can't find one that suits you. They accept credit cards, wire transfers, Western Union and a handful of e-wallets. Bovada has a huge Sunday night tournament every week which has a $100,000 guaranteed prize pool. If you win this tournament, it can make your year.

Idaho Online Poker Laws

There are states where poker is banned in casinos but "social gambling" is an exception. This is not the case with Idaho as playing live poker banned. It doesn't matter whether or not the house makes a profit – by raking the pot or charging players a lump sum for sitting in – it's outright illegal.

Poker is specifically denominated as a forbidden game, so not even the argument that it's a skill game and not a game of luck will count. So no, if you live in Idaho you may not play poker at home with your friends. Check for more information about laws in Idaho regarding online poker.


Note: The information presented on this site should in no way be regarded as legal advice. We are a group of enthusiastic poker players who wanted to share our knowledge and discuss some legal implications of playing poker in Idaho. If you believe you need further details, please consult with a lawyer.

While Idaho gambling laws may scare you into thinking you can't play poker online, this is not true. Bovada is one of several online poker sites that accept Idaho residents and they're waiting for you. Bovada welcomes all Idaho residents with a 100% to $1,000 deposit bonus when making the first deposit only.